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“SafeBuy is a vehicle inspection company based out of Melbourne that specialises in mobile pre-purchase inspection. Book Online for the same day inspection, we check all interiror, exterior, mechnical of the car and test drive it”.

Car Inspection

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection in Melbourne

We’re a vehicle inspection company that provides mobile, pre-purchase car inspections, roadworthy inspection service (at our parterened workshops), for local buyers and sellers.

SafeBuy offers greater confidence and peace of mind to Victorian car buyers and sellers by providing comprehensive pre-purchase car inspections, roadworthy inspection services. With SafeBuy at your side, you'll never have to wonder whether the used car you're buying is in the condition the seller claims. We'll reveal every detail - from the condition of its mechanical and electrical parts to its accident history. Feel safe and secure in your car purchase with SafeBuy.

Whether you’re looking to buy your next vehicle (and want a professional opinion on its condition) or are hoping to give a potential buyer more confidence in your vehicle’s reliability – we have you covered. SafeBuy technician can go to the vehicle's location, perform a complete vehicle check, and give you a comprehensive inspection report.

If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to sell your vehicle, we can offer you a SafeBuy Inspection Report. It will let you know what you need to do in order to get a roadworthy certificate. And it will go a long way toward providing your potential buyer with confidence about the state of your vehicle. If you prefer, we can even send the report directly to the buyer, so he/she knows exactly what you’re offering.

It’s the fastest, easiest way to make a confident vehicle purchase or sale.

Our Services

All of our SafeBuy inspector are uniformed, high-trained, and qualified mechanics who have extensive mechanical and electrical experience. They’re even familiar with hybrid and electric car diagnostic protocols.



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Standard Mobile Inspection Service

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Thorough inspection report
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Comprehensive Mobile Inspection Service

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Inspection in detailed interior, exterior, electrical & mechanical
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Premium Mobile Inspection Service

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Roadworthy Inspection & Certificate

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Get your Car History Report Or PPSR report and avail 3 to 5% discount on SafeBuy Inspection.

How Our Inspection Works

SafeBuy offers the highest number of checkpoints in the reports. All these are available at an extremely affordable rate. We cover almost everything, every nook and corner of your vehicle gets inspected and then they are reported to our clients. Starting from very minor issues to the major issues all the details are covered.

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How it works


1. Find a Car

Find the vehicle you want to purchase – from a private seller or dealership.

Get an inspection

2. Book an inspection

Call us or visit our website to book an inspection.

Get a detailed report

3. Get a detailed report

Our SafeBuy technicians will complete the inspection and send you a detailed report, including photographs and all the assessments you need to make an informed decision.

Sell Car
For Seller

Do you intend to sell your car?

If you’re looking to sell a vehicle, you can take advantage of SafeBuy’s pre-purchasevehicle inspection service. If you’re looking to sell a vehicle, you can take advantage of SafeBuy’s pre-purchasevehicle inspection service.

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