Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Basic guide on which pre-purchase vehicle inspection customers can choose.

Basic guide on which pre-purchase vehicle inspection customers can choose.

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is required when it comes to purchasing a used car, by performing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection customers will be able to find the vehicle's real

If the customers are looking for an affordable pre-purchase vehicle inspection and want to cover all essential parts of the vehicle, Standard mobile inspection service is best to choose from. Standard inspection covers the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle, engine & transmission operation and visual mechanical evaluation( No pressure test & ECU Scan included). For a stress free mind SafeBuy offers add ons with an additional rate, Car History check that includes PPSR for $ 22, separate PPSR certificate for $5, ECU report for $25 and car valuation report for $30. It takes only 1 hour of time to complete the inspection. Standard mobile inspection service charges $180.

Comprehensive mobile inspection service is the most popular service among the customers. Comprehensive inspection covers all the interior & exterior parts of the vehicle, mechanical inspection (pressure test included), full ECU scan, engine & transmission operation and test drive of the vehicle. Addition to these, customers also get a PPSR for $5, Car Valuation report for $30 and Car History report (PPSR included) for $22 as an add on with an additional rate. Within 1.5 hour of time the inspection will take place. Comprehensive mobile inspection service charges $240.

Premium mobile inspection service is highly recommended for sports, hybrid, luxury and classic cars. Premium inspection covers the exterior detailed inspection, paint & dent inspection, Mechanical inspection (pressure test included) hybrid or electric cars, battery check, complete ECU scan (included), Car History check & PPSR (included), Engine & transmission operation and test drive. Addition to these customers can also get a car evaluation report for $30 as an add on with an additional rate. It takes 2 hour of time to complete the inspection. Premium mobile inspection service charges $300.

Based on the needs of customers and their budget, customers can choose their preferred pre purchase car Inspection. SafeBuy offers its service in Melbourne and Regional VIC.

Customers get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection report regardless of the vehicle inspection they choose.Each inspection comes with different reports and verbal explanations on phone. All Reports will change according to the inspection chosen.

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