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Benefits of car valuation report

Before purchasing a pre owned car, customers tend to perform a pre-purchase inspection, but some customers skip the Car Valuation service because they are not aware of it or they don't know the benefits of it. Car Valuation helps the customers to identify the right price of the car, also guides the customers. This report also gives a clear idea of the price range and availability for the vehicles that customers are about to buy.

When booking the pre-purchase inspection in Safebuy customers can add on Car Valuation. SafeBuy is a mobile pre-purchase inspection company based in Victoria, whose vital role is to evaluate the vehicle's condition before the purchase is made by the customers. SafeBuy is one of the top growing companies in the market, whose motive is to provide the best service to the customers and always does. SafeBuy offers three different types of mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection service: Standard, Comprehensive and Premium Inspection. These inspections come with add-ons like ECU scan, PPSR, Car History report & Car valuation report. It is important to check these add-ons along with the inspection.

The benefits of performing Car Valuation are, After the car’s valuation, the safebuy inspector will hand over a detailed report about the car’s true condition and its current market value. This helps the customer in a better position to negotiate the price down. During the car valuation process, the safebuy inspectors will carry out a detailed mechanical inspection on the car to determine its current condition, prior repairs and malfunctions. This detailed information provides the buyer with everything they need to know about the car’s mechanical condition before making the purchase. Though customers should pay some extra money for the car valuation report, this process is cost saving in the long run. Car valuation will help the customers to identify the vehicle’s weaknesses and estimate the pricing for addressing it, that is not easy to notice and thus save you unexpected money on repairs.

Don't forget to add on Car Valuation when you perform a pre-purchase inspection!!! Book your pre-purchase inspection now in SafeBuy.