Car Advice

1) How to maintain a used-car:  

A well-maintained car will cost low in maintenance. Logbook service on time of the vehicle could reduce the running cost, fuel and other repair costs. Scheduling regular service also helps to notice problem early and repair the issue before it leads to bigger problem meaning bigger cost. Without checking the car regularly, simple issues such as leak of oil or worn out timing belt could lead into entire engine disaster, which cost a lot more to be fixed.

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2) Few things could be maintained without professional help. :

  • Wiper insert replacement.
  • Clean leather and vinyl with a proper cleanser.
  • Maintaining tyre inflation (If the car equipped with tyre inflation warning then customers could keep digital tyre pressure gauge)
  • Check the spare tyre pressure.
  • Check lights (inside and out) for blown globes.
  • Warning lights, refer to the Manual for interpretation. All lights should light up when you turn the ignition on as it is a way of checking they're working. 
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3)  How to maintain a Hybrid car batteries: 

The batteries in hybrid cars work best when it's warm, so make sure you get it warmed up sufficiently before setting off on cold days. Cold weather can also affect the battery's charge. Make sure to keep an adequate charge at all times and try not to let it drain completely.

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4) Tips to protect EV battery :

Daily driving habits:

Customers should have an idea on how many kilometres they drive every day. So, always charge with a little more buffer for any detours and traffic jams. This will help the EV battery to stay in good condition.

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South Australian parliament expands EV rebate, adds free rego and delays on road tax.

South Australia has expanded the number of new EVs (Electric Vehicles) that will be able to access it's $3,000 rebate, and has delayed the introduction to EV road user tax as it responded to the criticism about its policy support for EVs. A bill passed this week by state parliament that will extend the $3,000 subsidy for new electric car purchases priced under $68,750 to the first 7,000 buyers (up from 6,000), removing the registration costs for the first three years. It's effective from now. It also delayed the proposed EV road user tax until July 1, 2027, or until all-electric car sales were considered for 30% of new car sales, following the same path to NSW. Victoria has already imposed its EV road user tax. The amendments to the rebate and registration form part of a $22.7 million package, are intended to make the deal acceptable for the new EV owners who will eventually be required to pay 2.5 cents per kilometre driven by electric vehicles and 2 cents/km for plug-in hybrids.

A study by the Australia Institute showed that many South Australians are eager to buy an electric vehicle, but the introduction of a tax on road usage would discourage them. SA treasurer Rob Lucas welcomed the new bill, saying it amounted to more money “pro-rata” than either the NSW (New South Wales) or Victorian government. The pace of change is overwhelming – where the future is zero emissions, the future is electric vehicles,” he quoted. In the past 12 months, with 62 percent of local demands in the share of wind and solar, South Australia leads the world. However, Solar Citizens’ electric vehicle campaign lead Alistair Perkins said the expanded rebate and free rego will not make up for the new EV tax: “It’s good that South Australian EV buyers will be able to access some of the incentives offered in other states, but this rushed new tax is a step in the wrong direction,” he quoted. "The Government’s failure to offer the stamp duty discounts available in New South Wales and the ACT is a missed opportunity that will leave South Australians paying more.”

A new report by the University of New South Wales in the run up to the global COP24 summit says that Australia should do more to transition its transport sector to zero-emissions electric mobility. The report says that their poor lack of supportive policy in Australia for EVs has limited the choice that drivers have, and customers' love of large sports utility vehicles is driving transport emissions up. Renewable energy expert and associate professor Anna Bruce from UNSW School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Resources quoted "The catalogue of EVs available to Australian drivers is very limited because we don’t really have a clear policy on it,” This discourages the car manufacturers from investing in producing left-hand drive versions of vehicles that are already available overseas. It’s also difficult to import second-hand vehicles into the country and on top of that, there are additional road taxes for EV owners. So, it’s roadblocks like these which are impeding the adoption of EVs in Australia. Without any proper policy and regulations the demand for electric vehicles will be lowering. In late 2020 there was news that states would consider charging electric cars, which do not pay the fuel tax collected by the federal government and was met with warnings that such taxes would damage the already slow developing transition to clean transport in Australia.

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Pre-Purchase Car Inspection the Solution to Controlling the Price of Your Next Used Car

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection removes the concern of buying a used car. Many have become concerned about purchasing a new vehicle due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, they are finding themselves equally hesitant to purchase a used one as well. 

The primary concern with purchasing a used car is that there are inevitably going to be repair costs that come with making this purchase. Those repair costs can be pretty expensive, and they are likely to be inevitable within the first year of your purchase of the car. 

Consumer Reports explains that these types of repair costs can be extremely expensive, and there are certain problems that are likely to occur within the first year after purchasing a used car. 

 These include the alternator, battery, or starter needing to be replaced, a noisy exhaust system developing, or electrical components beginning to fail. Depending upon the car, an alternator can cost you anywhere from $350 all the way up to $800 to replace. If you spent $2000-$4000 on the used car, paying out $800 for repairs within the first year or two is a steep cost. 

Pre-Purchase the Solution

The problem for many car buyers is that they are at the mercy of the dealer or owner of the car as to how viable the vehicle is. They likely do not know if there are issues with the vehicle, and this information is often not revealed at the purchase date. 

Noman Sharif, the Founder of SafeBuy, explains that “Almost 90% of the car comes with the hidden problem, we have helped many buyers to make a right decision on buying the car, we have also saved many buyers from buying a lemon car.” 

That is a staggering statistic, which has many fearful about making a purchase, but a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection report from SafeBuy is the solution to this problem. This company has only been in business for a short time but has cornered the market in providing detailed information about the history of a car, including its maintenance after inspecting the car. 

SafeBuy provides reports that take the mystery out of purchasing your next used car. By providing you with a detailed report about the vehicle, it helps you to steer clear of cards that are likely to pose problems for you in the near future. 

However, if you do like a vehicle, having this report at your fingertips makes it so that you can negotiate with the owner or dealer. Maybe you still want to purchase the car but will be in a position to negotiate on a much better price. 

SafeBuy is your solution to ensuring that you were getting the car you want, at a price that works for you, without hidden repair problems looming in the background. A recent report has found that the price of used cars is going up significantly, as much as $8000, so you want to make sure you are getting a great car when you are having to pay such a steep price. This is the focus of Sharif, who has made it the primary purpose to provide those in the Melbourne area with detailed information regarding used cars for sale. Having this report is what every consumer needs at their disposal.