Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Checklist for a Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Checklist for a Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Buying a car can be an exciting time in life, but it should be checked thoroughly before making the big decision. This is especially true for used cars. It is very important to verify the purchase of a used car. Pre-purchasing a car inspection is the best way to do it. Make sure that your car inspector inspects all important parts of the vehicle.  

Some parts and systems to pay attention to are listed below: 

Visual inspection. Salt and water can rust and corrode. In this case, the used car must be inspected, make sure to avoid rusty cars, because they will only get worse. 

More serious damage: The paint should also be very uniform, free of debris, scratches, serious body repairs, or bad surface effects left by sealants. Rear view mirrors should not be torn and inspect all doors by closing and opening at once so that they can close without difficulty or get stuck. The problem here may be a damaged or bent door hinge or an overhaul of the body. Look under the vehicle to see if the frame is damaged, kinked, or repaired. 

Tyre inspection 

Tyres are essential for vehicle operation. Therefore, tires must be checked before buying a used car. Tyres are marked with the week and year of manufacture. The tyre has a treads wear indicator and can also display tyre wear. Therefore a mechanical inspection of your used car to solve this problem. If there is a serious alignment problem, the vehicle can’t be used. Put your hand on the tire and see if the tire wears uneven. This will confirm this. 

Engine inspection

Make sure that the hood is closed properly without any problems. Also, please check whether the hood bracket can firmly fix the hood without collapsing. Check the fuel line and engine connection to avoid leakage, because fuel leakage is dangerous and may cause a fire. The brake fluid must also be clean. Then check the expansion tank and its cooling performance to make sure there is no leakage and the coolant is new.

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People may be thinking that how much does a pre-purchase car inspection costs? So let’s see SafeBuy’s services. We offer three types of pre-purchase Inspection services, they are the Standard Mobile Inspection Service, Comprehensive Mobile Inspection Service, and the Premium package. The standard mobile inspection service is 1 hour long and it is available for$180. The Comprehensive Mobile Inspection is the highest demanded service, available for $240, which takes place for 1.5 hours. 

SafeBuy also offers service to Hybrid cars, which only very few inspection service providers offer in Victoria, and so we are the best car inspection Victoria. The Premium Mobile Inspection service is offered at SafeBuy, the best Pre purchase Car Inspection Melbourne. And it is one of the very few places which offer this service, where only sports, Luxury, and classic cars are inspected. The Premium package is available at $300 and it takes 2 hours. 

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