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Comprehensive Inspection Report and It’s Interpretation

Comprehensive Inspection Report and It's Interpretation.

When it comes to pre-owned vehicles customers are hesitant and not able to make the right decision whether to purchase it or not, but do you know that by doing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection customers can figure out the vehicle's real worth and will be able to make a right and quick decision on purchasing the vehicle. SafeBuy offers you three different types of mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Melbourne and Regional Victoria : Standard, Comprehensive and Premium Inspection. Each Inspection comes with different reports (For example if customers are opting for Comprehensive inspection, customers get the Comprehensive inspection report, same applies for the rest of two.) The reports will change according to the inspection customers choose.  

The reports provided by SafeBuy are accurate and help the customer to make the right decision on purchasing the used cars. The benefits of choosing SafeBuy are: It's affordable, The report comes with photographs of the vehicle and colour codes which help to identify the defects and working parts conditions of the vehicle easily. Everything about the Comprehensive mobile inspection service report is explained below.  

Comprehensive inspection report covers:  

  • Booking details  
  • Failed items 
  • Vehicle details
  • Engine & ECU scan
  • Drive line 
  • Exhaust, suspension, brakes and steering
  • Body, panels and lights 
  • Interior
  • Road test report
  • Vehicle condition report
  • Inspection report summary
  • Appendix

Booking details: It covers the basic details such as buyer's name and contact, seller's name and contact, when and where the inspection took place and booking code.

Failed items: Providing the customers with photographs of the defects in the vehicle such as: exhaust, suspension, brakes and steering, drive line, body panels and lights and interior.

Vehicle details: It contains all about the vehicle features such as: the car's model, it's colour, engine number, engine type, registration number, VIN, odometer reading, number of doors, vehicle state, transmission type, etc… 

Engine & ECU scan: Providing the customers everything about the engine such as: alternator operation, radiator pressure test, thermostats housing and water pump, battery test, AC condenser, compressor & lines, electric power steering, LPG system, engine fuse box, power steering pump and hoses, electronic power steering, turbo charger, hybrid battery condition, hybrid invertor, etc… 

Drive line: Providing the customers everything about the driveline inspection in the report such as: driveshaft & boots condition, gearbox / transmission oil condition, transfer case / front differential, leaf / coil springs, etc… 

Exhaust, suspension and brakes: It's important how these part of the vehicle performs because they decide the overall performance, this section of the report covers: exhaust manifold / mufflers and catalytic convertor, exhaust smoke, front brake discs, rear brake discs, front brake pads, suspension bushes, control arm bushes, ball joint, steering knuckle, steering arms / tie rod ends, etc…

Body, panels and lights: This section of the report covers exterior parts of vehicles such as: side mirrors, door lock and keys, doors / door seals, rear bumper / boot & tailgate struts, fuel cap, windscreen, bonnet & bonnet struts, reverse, brake, fog lenses, etc…

Interior: This section of the report covers the photographs of the inside of the vehicle such as: carpet condition / floor mats / pedals / dashboard, glove box / air vents, roof lining / sunroof, sun visors / interior light / rear view mirror, front and rear wiper inserts / washers, front seat belts / rear seat belts, air condition operation, seats condition, warning lights A.B.S / SRS lights, comb switch / hazard light switch, etc… 

Road test report: This section of the report covers the driving condition of the vehicles on the road such as: engine performance / engine smoke, speedo / odometer, speed limit when tested, brake (ABS) operation & brake shudder, road noise and handling / wheel alignment, clutch / auto trans operation, trans flare / differential whine, etc… 

Vehicle condition report: This division of the report consists of the vehicle condition of the vehicle such as: cosmetic panel / paint, minor scratches / dents, rust and previous body repairs. 

Inspection summary report: This division of the report provides the customer the overall performance of the vehicle with ratings such as: body / exterior rating, interior rating, mechanical rating and summary of the above rating. These things will aid the customers to get an idea of the vehicle and to make decisions easily. 

Appendix: This division of the report provides photographs of the vehicle exterior and interior, which helps the customer to get an outlook of how the vehicle looks in real life.

Click the link below to see Comprehensive mobile inspection service sample report

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