Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

How can one book a pre-purchase automobile inspection?

How can one book a pre-purchase automobile inspection?

Now booking a pre purchase inspection for your car is as simple as it seems, with SafeBuy you can book online by visiting our website. And by following simple steps you can buy an used car which satisfies all your needs.

Find a Car

Find the vehicle you want to purchase – from a private seller or dealership.

Book an inspection

Call us or visit our website to book an inspection. You can fix our service through the online booking service of your cars easily through our website.

Get a detailed report

Our SafeBuy technicians will complete the inspection and send you a detailed report, including photographs and all the assessments one needs to make an informed decision.  And receive a call from the inspector for clarification on the report.

Do you intend to sell your car?

If you’re looking to sell a vehicle, you can take advantage of SafeBuy’s pre-purchase vehicle inspection service.

SafeBuy - The Cheapest pre-purchase Car Inspection Melbourne and Most Reliable

People may be thinking that how much does a pre-purchase car inspection costs? So let’s see SafeBuy’s services. We offer three types of pre-purchase Inspection services, they are the Standard Mobile Inspection Service, Comprehensive Mobile Inspection Service, and the Premium package. The standard mobile inspection service is 1 hour long and it is available for$180. The Comprehensive Mobile Inspection is the highest demanded service, available for $240, which takes place for 1.5 hours.

SafeBuy also offers service to Hybrid cars, which only very few inspection service providers offer in Victoria, and so we are the best car inspection Victoria. The Premium Mobile Inspection service is offered at SafeBuy, the best Pre purchase Car Inspection Melbourne. And it is one of the very few places which offer this service, where only sports, Luxury,classic and Hybrid cars are inspected. The Premium package is available at $300 and it takes 2 hours.

In order to make our pricing and services transparent, we have individual costing for each of our services, in ECU Report all the control units of a vehicle are examined for it’s working ability. SafeBuy offers ECU reports at $25. By analyzing the history of the vehicle, we can conclude whether the vehicle is worth buying or not. SafeBuy offers a car history report at $22. A PPSR search helps you to prevent the risks involved when buying a used car. This is especially important if you buy from a private seller as opposed to a licensed dealer, we offer a PPSR report at $5. A car valuation report provides a rough estimate of the valuation of a car and SafeBuy offers valuation after inspection at $30.

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