Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Let’s understand Pre-Purchase Inspection vehicles & why is it so important?

Let’s understand Pre-Purchase Inspection vehicles & why is it so important?

Pre-purchase Inspection of vehicles is nothing but inspecting both visually and functionally of the used vehicles that you are planning to buy. The experts in SafeBuy vehicle inspection, Melbourne, can help you with inspecting all major components like interior, exterior car ecu system, engine, transmission, hybrid battery, electric cars, vehicle structure and paint condition of the car.

They can give you full assessments with PPSR and Car history check and help you draw a decision about whether to buy.

A SafeBuy Pre-Purchase Inspection is a vital step in buying a used vehicle which will save spending lots of money on maintenance when you invest in the worst-performing vehicle.

The Pre-purchase process involves:
1. They look for scratches and paint jobs: ?

They check if the vehicle is involved in any major accidents, repairs, replacement of certain parts that have been mentioned in the registration certificate. The discrepancies in the paint coat suggest that the vehicle has had scuffs and scratches.

2. They check for working of The electronics:

They will make that Car ECU, electronic equipment function and respond well to every command. They give a complete check on indicators, music system, power windows, fold-able mirrors and working of the AC, etc.

3. They check for leakages, hybrid battery, Car battery problems:

We can find these problems in Pre-purchase car inspection, to make sure there is no oil or coolant leaks and deep scan for hybrid battery and car battery.

4. Check on noise during the test drive:

They will keenly check on the noise and look for any trouble suspension or any other components.

5. Check-up for the chief hero:

SafeBuy pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne, experts will give a thorough check on the car’s engine and transmission. The professional gives you a detailed assessment of the engine and allows you to make a big decision to buy it or not.

6. Condition of brakes and tyres

The team will check on the brake, rotors and rubber of the tyres if the tyres are you could consider for cutting down some price.

7. Car’s maintenance history and car history check

The insight of buying will depend on the car’s maintenance history, the team will verify the details of any repair on the vehicle and car’s service book.

Our expert team also goes through the information about legal documents. Verify the ownership, verify the registration certification, original purchase agreement, no objection certificate, ODO meter reading, finance check, accident history, etc.

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