Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Premium Inspection Report and It’s Interpretation.

Premium Inspection Report and It's Interpretation. 

Performing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection helps the customers to know the vehicle's real worth quickly and helps to cut off unnecessary expenses. SafeBuy is a pre-purchase inspection company based in Melbourne whose vital role is to evaluate the vehicle's condition before the purchase is made by the customers. SafeBuy offers three different types of mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection service: Standard, Comprehensive and Premium Inspection. Each inspection comes with different reports (For example if customers are opting for Premium inspection, customers get the Premium inspection report, same applies for the rest of two.) The reports will change according to the inspection you choose.   Premium mobile inspection service is mostly used by the customers who own hybrid electric, sports, luxury and classic cars. The reports provided by SafeBuy are accurate and help the customer to make the right decision on purchasing. The benefits of choosing SafeBuy are, we are affordable, our reports especially come with photographs of the vehicle and colour codes which help to identify the defects and working parts of the vehicle easily. Everything about the Premium mobile inspection service report is explained below.   Premium inspection report covers: 
  • Booking Details 
  • Failed Items 
  • Vehicle Details 
  • Engine & ECU Scan 
  • Drive line 
  • Exhaust, Suspension, Brakes and Steering 
  • Body, Panels and Lights 
  • Interior 
  • Road Test Report 
  • Vehicle Condition Report 
  • Inspection Report Summary 
  • Car history report 
Booking Details: The basic details such as buyer's name and contact, seller's name and contact, when and where the inspection took place and booking code. Failed items: Providing the customers with photographs of the defects in the vehicle such as: Engine & ECU scan, Hybrid battery condition, Body, Panels & Lights and Side mirrors. 

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