WATCH OUT,always verify in advance for a clear title prior to paying for vehicle.
1300 799 523 or online at www.carhistory.com.au


We encourage our clients to get in touch with their inspector for possible explanation of faults/problems that are found. Vehicles for the authenticity/verification is solely the sole liability of the buyer. Vin and engine numbers are being checked for falsification, however, the report is no guaranteeor warranty for any objective/purpose.

Inspection and assessment through visually and noise appreciation only and that no changes have been made neither components of the car is disassembled/changesto verify diagnoses.

However, SafeBuy Inspectors make sure that each detail was going to be documented at the time of inspection. But, Inspectors will not be able to report on the defect if they can’t see it or it is not visible during the inspection. Inspection summary indicates that the elements/components are in the statestated on the report.If there is any unease over the accuracy of this report please get in touch with SafeBuy team before performing any work. WE DO NOT INSPECT – Fuel efficiency& oil burning issue, timing belt replacement, security system, trip computer, head unit or navigation system operation, operation of TV, cassette or CD players, automatic wipers and lights, body work, water leaks etc.

Not Any warranty on prior restoration record, measurement of the alignment of the frame of the vehicleor component has been removed. A concluding visual inspection of a vehicle at time of sale are the responsibility of the buyer, SafeBuy not liable for dents/ damage or condition modification afterpreliminary inspection. Clients are advised to view or print inspection report in colour. Otherwise, please check with SafeBuy for electronic copy. We encourage our buyers to verify with appropriate authorities Australia wide for any kind of Write-off recordbefore they buy it. However, in our standard Service PPSR and in our premium Service PPSR and History check are included.