Terms and Conditions - Safe Buy


By booking a vehicle inspection by SafeBuy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below: 


WATCH OUT, always verify in advance for a clear title before paying for vehicle. 

1300 799 523 or online at www.carhistory.com.au 


We encourage our clients to get in touch with their inspector for possible explanation offaults/problems that are found. Vehicle’s authenticity/verification is solely the sole liabilityof the buyer. VIN, engine numbers and chassis number are being checked for falsification,however, the report is no guarantee or warranty for any objective/purpose.

Inspection and assessment through visually and noise appreciation only and that no changeshave been made neither components of the car is disassembled/changes to verify diagnoses.

However, SafeBuy Inspectors make sure that each detail was going to be documented at thetime of inspection. But, Inspectors will not be able to report on the defect if they can’t see itor it is not visible during the inspection. In case of vehicle is not drivable or not in workingorder then Inspector will not be responsible to provide detail of engine and transmissionperformance. ECU scan will not be performed if car battery is dead or car is manufacturedprior to 1996. Inspection summary indicates the Exterior, Interior and Mechanical conditionon the report.

  • SafeBuy conduct inspection VISUALLY and non-mechanical only. SafeBuy inspector will not be liable for faults which are found later and were not obvious through visual or noticeable during the inspection. Our inspectors use latest technology tools and acceptable procedure to detect any faults but these tools and procedures does not essentially detect every problem or faults in the vehicle. The make and condition of the vehicle should be considered and the report should be reviewed within this context. 
  • The inspection report is current only as the time the inspection was performed. The buyer is responsible to check and inspect the vehicle visually before making the purchase. The report should not be considered or treated as certificate of roadworthy - the appropriate roadworthy authority of your state or territory should be contacted for roadworthy certificate provisions.
  • Inspection does not guarantee that the vehicle is roadworthy or might be able to pass the roadworthy test.
  • Before the vehicle undertakes the road drive test as the part of inspection, the customer must make sure that the vehicle could be driven safely, condition is roadworthy, registration is latest and has sufficient fuel. Vehicle would only be tested on the road withthe allowed speed of the local area.
  • Inspector is obliged to call (from private number) to every customer after sending the inspection report during his working hours. Incase of customer can not receive a call then inspector attempt to call few more times. Inspector is not allowed to receive call or text messages for health & safety reason during his working hours. As it may impact the focus of the inspector while completing the report and test driving a vehicle.
  • In severe weather condition inspection can only be carried out in covered area else required reschedule or cancellation.
  • SafeBuy inspection report does not provide warranty on any nature, credibility, precision or inclusiveness of any data which is contained in the report or the accuracy of the data onthe report for any other purpose of intention. Our inspector will not verify the recall notice from the vehicle manufacture and the vehicle is not under the recall notice should be confirmed by the vehicle owner. 


  • Brake fluid contamination/hydraulic fluid leak
  • ABS system
  • Drum brakes and wheel cylinders leak
  • Trip computer reading such as oil and fuel consumption
  • Cruise control and other computer systems
  • Reason for oil leaks
  • Oil pump and strainer for sludge build-up
  • Oil burning issue
  • Cause of vehicle smoke
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Transmission mechanics
  • Engine compression (condition apply)
  • Engine mounts
  • Water pump
  • Water leaks or reason for leaks
  • Timing belt, oil pump belt, balancer and drive belt
  • Clutch and flywheel
  • Repairs or service history of the vehicle
  • Functionality of audio or entertainment system including CD, Cassette, TV, DVD, iPod connectivity, sensors, alarm/security devices, satellite navigation systems/GPS
  • Emissions test
  • Catalytic converter
  • Aftermarket or additional accessories included as a result of owner’s modifications
  • Mechanical switching of wipers and lights
  • LPG systems
  • Fuel filter and fuel consumption
  • Air condition performance 

  • Note: Engine compression test requires extra time to perform on top of already designated inspection time. Therefore, it can be completed with additional cost of $50-100. It is customer’s responsibility to take seller permission to perform compression test before makingpayment.

    If there is any unease over the accuracy of this report please get in touch with SafeBuy teambefore performing any work. Not any warranty on prior restoration record, measurement ofthe alignment of the frame of the vehicle or component has not been removed. A concludingvisual inspection of a vehicle at time of sale are the responsibility of the buyer, SafeBuy isnot liable for dents/damage or condition modification after preliminary inspection. Clients areadvised to view or print inspection report in colour. Otherwise, please check with SafeBuyfor electronic copy. We encourage our buyers to verify with appropriate authorities inAustralia for any type of write-off record before buying the vehicle. However, our premiuminspection service, we attach car history as separate report. Adds-on are available for PPSR,car history check, car valuation and ECU test under other inspection services.

    Inspection report warranty policy for full refund:

    SafeBuy inspection report warranty covers the following:

  • For Comprehensive and Premium inspection services.
  • Inspector fails to identify fault which was visually apparent at the time of inspecti.
  • Inspector fails to provide verbal or photo evident what he has inspected. 

  • Customer Obligations:

  • The vehicle will be inspected on the locality advised by the customer (or owner of the vehicle) to SafeBuy. The customer is obligated to make sure that the booked vehicle is at the location mention in the booking at the time of inspection or to acquire the vehicle’s availability at the location at the time of inspection.
  • The complete report is for the individual name mentioned on the inspection report andmust not be provided to any other 3rd party.
  • The buyer is responsible to undertake the search the vehicle’s security, if the vehicle is write off or the Vehicle Identification Number or engine number is not authentic. It is not the responsibility of SafeBuy inspector to confirm the accuracy of the mileage of the vehicle.
  • Any major mechanical repair carried out on the vehicle must be informed to the inspector or if the vehicle has any damage on the structure due to collision or natural damage such as hail or wind damage. SafeBuy rely on the complete release and accuracy of the above information from the buyer/Seller and does not take responsibility if there is any discrepancy in report as the result of the incorrect information given by buyer/selle. 
  • The inspection report of SafeBuy should not be deemed as a suggestion to buy or not to buy the vehicle. The customer should make the decision in regards to matter which you consider are relevant to your investigation and enquiry. 

  • SafeBuy Car Valuation Policy:

    SafeBuy has prepared car valuation certificate from the information provided by the owner, prepurchase inspection condition report and multiple information sources of the vehicle. SafeBuy is does not take any responsibility for the data given by the vehicle’s owner or auto service sources, accuracy of the estimation made by SafeBuy and should not be relied on the data provided in car valuation certificate without conducting your own assessment of the vehicle. 

    SafeBuy does not take liability for any potential loss or damage (other than any liability which might not by law be excluded) involving the how you use and rely on this certificate. SafeBuy has applied the most appropriate attempt to give accurate data but does not guarantee or represent any use and reliance on the car valuation certificate.