Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Reviews and ratings by SafeBuy customers

Reviews and ratings by SafeBuy customers

SafeBuy is a mobile pre-purchase inspection company based in Victoria, Melbourne. We inspect the pre-owned vehicles before the purchase. We got hundreds of customers who have tried our inspection and got positive reviews back from them. We provide great customer service and better prices for the mobile inspection of the vehicles. We question ourselves before getting our hands on pre-owned vehicles because of the future expenses, our inspectors primary motive is to guide you to invest in the right vehicle and provide their best knowledge about the problems vehicles have faced or may face. Here are some of our customers who have shared their opinions on using our services. 

One of our customers says as follows: "Recently SafeBuy did pre purchase inspection for me. Overall excellent service, good presentation of reports covering main items of car, staff's are very cooperative and technician explained well about car condition. Conducted all inspection as per schedule and delivered report on time." With a 5/5 rating.  

The positive review from our customer above is about our inspection and Our overall performance and how precise our reports are, how well our inspectors are and how well we spend our time and deliver the report quickly. 

Another customer says, "Excellent service offered by SafeBuy. Inspector assisted me in buying the desired car, gave clear advice on what I need to take care of/replace after the purchase. I got Honda Odyssey, the inspector's understanding of Honda cars is in-depth and the advice was straight to the point. I would recommend SafeBuy for pre-purchase car inspection for the car buyers in metro Melbourne or regional Victoria. Booking an appointment through their website is super easy too." With a 5/5 rating. 

The above review explains how our qualified inspectors help our customers to invest in the right car and warn them about the complications of the car they could face in the future and our best advice on the vehicles. 

Book your appointment now on our website and try our inspection. Remember the mobile pre-purchase inspection is only applicable for Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

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