Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

SafeBuy the Fastest Pre-purchase Inspection in Melbourne

SafeBuy the Fastest Pre-purchase Inspection in Melbourne

When people buy a used or pre-owned car, they have to be more careful as things are always the same as they seem. That is the reason why many experts recommend buyers to perform a pre purchase car inspection of a used car. In general, people don’t want to wait for a long time; we can understand the excitement you have for your new car, where many pre-purchase Inspection service providers in Melbourne take a bit longer time to perform inspection and also even a bit more time delivering there ports. But SafeBuy understands the needs of the customer completely and provides the fastest and quickest pre purchase Inspection in Melbourne.

We are one of the most trusted car inspection services in Melbourne. Our prepurchase car inspection has helped many used car buyers across Australia in particular Melbourne. Our highly skilled inspectors are the best in the business. We help you to avoid common pitfalls, provide the detailed report and guide through the inspection results so people can make their pre purchase vehicle purchase with confidence and peace of mind.  

Qualified Mechanics

We have a team of qualified mechanics who are handpicked and come from many years of experience in the industry. So you don’t have to be worried about the quality of the inspection service. We provide the topnotch pre purchase car inspection service in Melbourne.

Peace of Mind

Purchasing a wrong car can be very expensive in future and also it feels like we are pouring our money for nothing. We help used car buyers to invest in the used cars with absolute peace of mind. We reveal all the hidden secrets of the car, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Detailed Reports

Our 120 checkpoint is the most comprehensive in the industry and also it includes on demand telephonic conversational review by our expert mechanic to discuss the results and answer the questions, if customer might have

Quality Assurance

We can assure the quality of service. It is the main reason behind our large customer base and success. Our 10+ years of experienced inspectors are expertise in this field.

We SafeBuy focus on attention to every detail, experience, knowledge and level of care on the subject of the vehicle for your benefit. We hope to help you with your needs.

SafeBuy - The Cheapest prepurchase Car Inspection Melbourne

People may be thinking that how much does a pre purchase car inspection cost? So let’s see SafeBuy’s services. We offer three types of pre purchase Inspection services, they are the Standard Mobile Inspection Service,Comprehensive Mobile Inspection Service, and the Premium package. The standard mobile inspection service is 1 hour long and it is available for$180. The Comprehensive Mobile Inspection is the highest demanded service, available for $240, which takes place for 1.5 hours. SafeBuy also offers service to Hybrid cars, which only very few inspection service providers offer in Victoria, and so we are the best car inspection victoria. The Premium Mobile Inspection service is offered at SafeBuy, the best Prepurchase Car Inspection Melbourne.And it is one of the very few places which offer this service, where only sports, Luxury, and classic cars are inspected. The Premium package is available at $300 and it takes 2 hours.

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