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Things to know about Roadworthy Certificate

Things to know about Roadworthy Certificate

Are you planning to buy a used car? Then we are sure that you have already decided the model, wheels and colour in your mind. Now before breaking your piggy bank to make the biggest decision, we SafeBuy would suggest you to think about a roadworthy certificate. Let me tell you that a Roadworthy certificate is a mandatory thing here in Victoria, when a vehicle is sold or re-registered to another person. If you are looking for the best service provider, then we SafeBuy are here, the best Roadworthy Inspection in Melbourne through our partner workshop.

So In this article, we will tell you about the importance of a Roadworthy certificate and the best way to get your roadworthy inspection With SafeBuy’s partnered workshop. So without any more delay, let us walk through the benefits.

Safety is our first priority

As we know that Roadworthy certificates are mandatory here. Apart from seeing it as a rule implemented by the Government, think of it as a lifesaving document. The roadworthy certificate is a measuring factor for a car which can be safely driven on the road. We SafeBuy with our partnered workshop, inspects the car’s worthiness on the road and workshop partner issues a certificate.

Complete Inspection

The certification ensures that essential parts of the vehicle are in good condition. For Eg: The inspection procedure will check on tyres, to make sure they are in good condition, otherwise the worn out tyres will skid.

Apart from external damage, internal damages like fuel or oil leakage is also checked. Other features like brake oil, horn, lights, brake performance and its suspension integrity. Suspension integrity of the vehicle ensures that there are no illegal modifications in the fittings.

Register your vehicle

To drive your car officially on the Roads registration is a mandatory thing and without a Roadworthy certificate, you cannot register your car. So before making your way to the VIC Roads, make sure to get your roadworthy certificate.

Get your certificate from SafeBuy’s roadworthy partnered workshop to make your transfer and registration process simpler. SafeBuy best pre purchase mobile vehicle inspection Victoria.

One stop solution

We SafeBuy help people to buy and sell cars by providing them valid vehicle inspection. We provide a wide range of services in vehicle inspection victoria. Our highest demanded service is Pre Purchase mobile inspection. It includes Standard mobile inspection service, Comprehensive mobile inspection service and premium mobile inspection service. We are quite popular in providing the prepurchase mobile inspection victoria.

Advantages of booking vehicle inspection with SafeBuy’s website::
  • Quality service at an extremely affordable price
  • RWC inspection takes less time as normal if the car is pre purchase inspected by SafeBuy
  • Customer can be benefit 5% discount, if the car had a premium pre purchase inspected by SafeBuy
  • Simple online booking
  • Mobile pre purchase inspection service

We SafeBuy offers quality pre purchase mobile inspection victoria, contact us to get your car inspection work done at an affordable price.

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