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Tips to choose a better used car.

Tips to choose a better used car

Customers are always sceptical when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, because of the expenses to recondition it and the complications it may face in future, but do you know with keeping a few tips in your mind you can choose a better used car.

Those are:

  • Budget 
  • Research 
  • Refine your search 
  • Contact the seller 
  • Arranging inspection 
  • Check the car's history 

Budget: It is necessary to set a budget before looking for any car, it will help you to get an idea of what you are looking for and what you need in the car. Remember, there will be additional costs such as: maintenance, insurance, fuel etc…

Research: After setting the budget, research for the car that suits your price and don't go for too cheap priced cars you may face a lot of complications and it will stress you out. 

Refine your search: After fixing the car you are about to buy, check for the details like: model, body type, which year it was purchased by the seller etc… 

Contact the seller: The very best thing to do is contact the seller of the car and ask some basic questions like: 

  • What's the reason to sell the car?
  • How long have you used it?
  • Have the car met any accident?
  • What's the service history and extra maintenance services? 

Arranging inspection: Inspection is necessary for a pre-owned car. SafeBuy provides you with three different types of inspection: Standard, Comprehensive, Premium inspection. All the three inspections come with three different reports that will quickly tell you the real value of the vehicle and help you to make the right decision. SafeBuy reports come with high accuracy and with photographs helps you to get a good idea of the car. Standard mobile inspection service charges are $180, Comprehensive $240, Premium $300. 

Check the car's history: The reports provided by SafeBuy using its ad on PPSR and CarHistory will help you to know the details about the car's history such as: the background of the vehicle and it's accident history, whether the vehicle is stolen or not. PPSR costs $5 and CarHistory reports are $25. 

Following the above tips you can choose a better used car and SafeBuy reports will help you to get your hands in the right car.  

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