Understanding the Pre-purchase Mechanical Inspection at SafeBuy

The point of a pre-purchase inspection is to ensure that a buyer is not paying for a repaired used car. It is to ensure that the car is in great condition and it is going to run without any issues even in the future. In pre-purchase car inspection, an inspector will investigate the engine, radiator, tires, exhaust and other parts of the vehicle. 

They will check the coolant leaks, oil, battery issues, and also any poorly done modifications in the past. To do all this, you will need an expert eye. Even the shiniest car can have hidden problems under the hood, which are so expensive to fix. The below mentioned are some of the most common problems which may present in the used car.

Oil Indicators

Oil can tell you a lot about the engines, which directly explains the quality of the vehicle. When you pull the dipstick out and if the oil residue doesn’t reach the full mark, then it shows that the car has not been maintained properly. The thick and black oil is also a sign of poor maintenance of the vehicle. 


Leaks are the best and easiest way to find out the damage in the cars. Look under the car and search for any leaks at the radiator, hoses, cracking, corrosion or any other sort of leakage. If there is any leakage present, then surely the car will have some hidden damages.


Check the condition of the filter. Look whether the airbox seal is intact and closes correctly. The intercooler piping and hose clamps should be checked for damage. Both the primary and secondary fuel filters need to be fitted properly.

Smoke from the exhaust of the vehicle

Turn on the car and make someone rev for a few minutes, if you smell a smoky exhaust then it indicates an oil-burning engine which tells you that there is a problem in the engines. 

So these are some basic things that go into pre-purchase car inspection. All you need for a good pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne is a qualified service provider like SafeBuy.