Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Why are add-ons important when booking a pre-purchase car inspection?

Why are add-ons important when booking a pre-purchase car inspection?

When it comes to used cars a pre-purchase car inspection is necessary, it helps the customers to find out the vehicle's real worth quickly and helps the customers to avoid unexpected repairs that are expensive and helps the customer to anticipate the future maintenance. SafeBuy is a mobile pre-purchase inspection company based in Victoria, whose vital role is to evaluate the vehicle's condition before the purchase is made by the customers. SafeBuy is one of the top growing companies in the market, whose motive is to provide the best service to the customers and always does.

SafeBuy offers three different types of mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection service: Standard, Comprehensive and Premium Inspection. These inspections come with add-ons like ECU scan, PPSR, Car History report & Car valuation report. It is important to check these add-ons along with the inspection.

  • ECU scan, The electronic control unit (ECU) is a small device in a vehicle’s body that controls the injection of the fuel and, in petrol engines, the timing of the spark to ignite it.. ECU is also the central controller and heart of the engine management system. It controls the fuel supply, air management, fuel injection and ignition. ECU scan also indicates when there is a faulty engine. ECU receives inputs from different parts of the vehicle, depending on its function. For example, a door lock ECU would receive input when a passenger pushes the door lock/unlock button on a car door.
  • PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) is a government generated record of a vehicle's financial history. The PPSR Check allows the customer to know whether or not there is any financial ownership on it or If the car has money owing on it. PPSR also allows the customer to know If it has been reported stolen before & to whom the car was previously written off.
  • Car History report, This report gives the customer details such as: Vehicle details like registration plate, registration state & registration expiry date. Engine details like engine number, engine size, fuel type etc… Car History reports are graphical which helps the customers to understand the report easily and this report comes with detailed information. The Car History report also shows the safety rating of the vehicle, odometer history, finance check, written off check, stolen check, and also the accident history of the vehicle. The report also shows the price comparison and Odometer comparison in a graph which is easy to understand by the customers.
  • Car valuation report, This report helps the customers to identify the problems in the car, the inspectors also guide the customers by saying the parts which should be replaced and tell it's price ranges. This report also gives a clear idea of the price range for the vehicles that customers are about to buy.

Customers can now get PPSR and a Car History check by booking their appointments at ChecknBuy website without performing any inspection

But ECU scan and Car Valuation reports can only be provided after the inspection, book now for a pre-purchase inspection at SafeBuy website.