Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Why Buyers like SafeBuy’s Mobile Inspection service

Why Buyers like SafeBuy’s Mobile Inspection service

An Expert’s advice on buying a used car is never ignored by people and We SafeBuy is proud in quoting ourselves as one of the best mobile inspections in Melbourne. Our services are designed to meet the needs of customers, we provide them the services they want and practices they would prefer to have. With a little bit of planning, the mobile inspection process can be done simply by our SafeBuy inspectors. We provide genuine reports once after inspecting the car.

Our SafeBuy has a skilled team of Inspectors who does the complete mobile inspection process in a most professional way. After the inspection process, the report provided by our inspectors will help you to make a decision. All our labour practices and worth ethics are professional. And to provide our customers with quality assured services, we use only the latest tools and technology helping to get accurate results in reports.

Apart from the above-mentioned practices and tools, We SafeBuy also provides our customers with various Inspection options to choose from. Our Inspection options are designed by keeping our customers and their needs in the mind. Each service option suits the different level of inspections and for also different cars and their needs.

Types of Inspection Options at SafeBuy

  • Standard Mobile Inspection service — $ 180
  • Comprehensive Mobile Inspection service — $ 240
  • Premium Mobile Inspection service- $ 300
  • Roadworthy Inspection service (Along with Partnered workshop)

According to the car type and budget, a person can choose from the above-mentioned services. The most important thing of all is the affordable prices of our inspection services. It allows people to opt for an option based on their needs and budget.

Benefits of using SafeBuy

In addition to the variety of available options in SafeBuy’s mobile inspection, we also provide many other perks to our customers. If the customer’s car already had a premium pre-purchase inspected by SafeBuy, then our customer is benefited from a 5% discount on RWC inspection. It will help our customers save a few pennies from their pocket.

And one more benefit is that a customer can save their time on RWC inspection when they if his/her car had a standard inspection done by SafeBuy. However the RWC inspection has to be done by authorised workshops. And moreover, our professional work ethics and genuine attitude towards our customers keep them attracted towards us.

We SafeBuy are glad and happy to provide ultimate pre-purchase car inspection to our customers.

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