Vehicle inspection provides mobile pre-purchase car inspections

Why SafeBuy is better than other Car Inspection Victoria

Why SafeBuy is better than other Car Inspection Victoria

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand/used car or selling your car, you can have a car inspection test to decide the price factor. We SafeBuy are a vehicle inspection company, which is expertise in providing quality car inspection victoria. SafeBuy provides two types of services to their customers they are Pre Purchase mobile inspection and Roadworthy inspection service (at our partnered workshop).

If you are hiring a car Inspection team, then on seeing the reports after pre-purchase car inspection, you can decide whether you are buying or not. And it also stands as a factor through which you can place a negotiation rate if the car lacks certain features. We SafeBuy provide quality Pre Purchase mobile inspection Melbourne.SafeBuy provides various plans under pre purchase and an added advantage to get a roadworthy certificate.

Top Qualities to look for in a Car Inspection Service Provider

There are certain characteristics that one needs to consider, while selecting their car inspection service provider. Here are a few things listed that one need to consider before selecting their inspection service provider.

  • Skilled Diagnostic Inspector
  • Quality Labour Practices
  • Availability of latest tools and Technology
  • Affordable rates of services

As we saw earlier, the best Pre Purchase mobile inspection Melbourne, SafeBuy provides a Standard mobile inspection service, Comprehensive Mobile Inspection Service, and Premium Mobile Inspection Service. Each service option suits different levels of inspection.

Inspection Options at SafeBuy

The Standard Mobile Inspection Service the basic vehicle inspection is done. Here Interior Inspection, Exterior Inspection, Mechanical Inspection, ECU Scan, and PPSR checks are done. The standard mobile inspection service is 1 hour long and it is available for $180.

The Comprehensive Mobile Inspection is the highest demanded service, available for $240, which takes place for 1.5 hours. In Comprehensive Mobile Inspection includes Interior and Exterior Inspection, Mechanical Inspection. The service plan is suitable for Hybrid Cars. The service plan includes Full ECU scan, and a Comprehensive Car History Check is also done.

SafeBuy also offers service to Hybrid offers, which only very few inspection service providers offer in Victoria, and hence we are the best car inspection victoria.

The Premium Mobile Inspection service is offered at SafeBuy, the best Prepurchase Car Inspection Melbourne. And it is one of the very few places which offer this service, where only sports, Luxury, and classic cars are inspected. The Premium package is available at $300 and it takes almost 2 hours.

We all know the importance of the Roadworthy Certificate, SafeBuy along with its Partnered workshop helps you get your roadworthy certificate. We SafeBuy provide all these above-mentioned services at high quality at an extremely affordable rate. We the best Pre Purchase mobile inspection Melbourne, keep our customer satisfaction as a priority.

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